The Forever living business model

Become an FBO through independent Forever business owner FBO Olof Wittgen

Frequently asked questions about the Business model becoming Forever FBO, and your internet knowledge. And we are going to undertake an enthusiastic attempt through this explanation. To be able to increase your situation financially. Hence, I would like to welcome you to the FBO explanation and registration info.

This makes Forever special as a network marketing company via FBO registration?


How to Become an FBO,

The best known and that to offer forever living. Is and has an extensive range in the “health and Wellness” market. That offers you consumer products based on aloe vera of the highest quality. That is why it provides a revenue model. You will receive a compensation plan after generating sales. And for example for your own profit at home or an organized meeting with a number of guests that you invite and sell to.

Monthly when you sold one or more products via the internet and get paid 3 times per month every 10 days e.g. for internet costs and these are paid every +/- [13th, 23rd and in the following month the 3rd received]. [See also the *] On the dates mentioned will receive. when you have also used your business for this.

and very important and that makes us happy. * The month-end bonus on or around the 7th each month, if you have converted / sold 4 cc or more. You will receive the bonus from your downline [People you have enrolled among you] and at 12cc you will receive your manager bonus from your team [from other managers you enrolled among you who have converted 37.5 cc now or for at least 4 months in a row .

[1 cc is equal to 1,000 centilitres or 1 liter, so 1cc of pure processed aloe vera cc = case credits, and 1 cc is equal or has an average value of EUR 245 excl. +/-]


Forever offers everyone an equal chance of success.

Importantly, Olof Wittgen tells your future FBO employee; and is that not every personality is the same and we like to help some people extra where things seem to go wrong. AT FOREVER LIVING YOU CAN ALSO FOLLOW CUSSUSES AND WEBINARS. And it is possible to leave your income to your children. Forever is active worldwide and stimulates international activities.


How can I register as a Preferred Customer or FBO (Forever Business Owner)?


The Netherlands

FBO registration = 5% discount for aloe sales or personal use with a purchase of 375 to 490 euros excl. +/- 30% discount [key control + left mouse button BY CLICKING ON URL] or copy and paste.

[with the button control on your keyboard, and 1 mouse click, the link will open.]



FBO registration = 5% discount for aloe sales or personal use with a purchase of 375 to 490 euros excl. +/- 30% discount [key control + left mouse button BY CLICKING ON URL] or copy and paste.

[with the control button on your keyboard, and 1 mouse click, the link will open.]



FBO register = 5% discount for aloe sales or personal use with a purchase of 375 to 490 euros excl. +/- 30% discount [key control + left mouse button BY CLICKING ON URL] or copy and paste

[with the control button and click 1 time the mous. The link will the opende link look left above and search please for your country]



When you register, you will always be asked for your sponsor. That is in this enthusiastic case; Forever Business Owner FBO-er Olof Wittgen, with distributor number 310002004593 who you would like to get to know and who will tell you that if you would like to become an FBO and you are sales oriented for that. You will feel satisfied when you read this again later.

And of course if you want to move forward with a business through Forever living.

about the Forever products to view or purchase at. And / or about the business model we are really happy to help you with. Each person receives a 12-digit FBO number and you enter it when registering and logging in. With your password created after registration.


Are there any costs if I want to start as an FBO?

No, there are no fees or costs to start up up to a 5% discount in NL, BE and LUX. If you register as a Preferred Customer you will immediately receive a 5% discount on your purchases. You can increase your discount with a “Start Your Journy Pack” “WITH 1.5 CC OF PRODUCTS BUT COUNT FOR 2CC AND YOU CAN START YOUR INTERNET INDEPENDENT BUSINESS OWNER, to buy this pack. Or for your own use or for resale. Then you also have your own website after purchase. Because your package has a value of 2 cc. Or buy 2cc with your choice of Forever products



When you register you will receive a 5% discount. So you like to get a cheap 30% discount after registration, and buy 2 cc via the starter package “start your journy” “1.5 cc package. That is a lot cheaper that saves from 0.5 to. This counts for 2cc. 2 cc and a 0.5 cc profit / spend less for free, nice anyway. After this purchase with a next order you will receive a 30% discount


CC EXPLANATION TO GET AN FBO WEBSITE on purchase of your own choice slightly More expensive WAY WITH OWN PRODUCTS 500 EURO EXCL.

Or When you register you will receive a 5% discount. And just buy 2cc products with your own choice. You are certainly also on a 30% discount again only after registration and 2cc purchases. After this purchase with a next order you will receive a 30% discount

Or when you want to buy other Forever products of your choice to first supplement your home necessities.

“” So you have to get to 2cc depending on whether you choose small or large products. It costs average. +/- 500 euros excl. One-off “or” to be spent in 2 consecutive months and must really be 2cc or may be more “”. And at least 2cc around. or and may of course also be above it. This is displayed on the right in your shop environment. How much cc value you are going to / or are buying. And just remember “after that” the next order you immediately benefit from a 30% discount.

Olof Wittgen (your Forever Business Owner) can help with his up-line team and help or helpline +31622516508 and give useful tips. And thus encourage you to be extra enthusiastic, to advise you well and to advise you on all the benefits without costs. and get you started.


How do I get started: As a “Preferred Customer” [MEANS “Recommended Customer” in Dutch].

with a 5% discount or 30% discount Forever Business Owner with, according to [Olof Wittgen], amazing possibilities and fun to be busy today?

When you register, you will receive a login for your personal environment. Where you will find a wealth of information, tools and training. Your sponsor will support you as much as possible and in the best possible way, and will be happy to provide you with information. And we or through Forever living head office will happily and happily answer all your questions.


Google advertising and some costs

We can have a third party help you create an ad-words account FOR ADVERTISING ON GOOGEL. for setting up with an account, with a turnover of 4 cc or maybe a little more. this purchase is 90 euros excl. And excl. hours that it costs to fill in. And with the help of some keywords of mine, your ad-words account will be filled in. Then you will receive an email from googel somewhere in the near future. So from a 75 or 80 euro voucher from googel. For not your very first but “one” of the first costs and stimulate you.


What is easily achievable

You can assume that 4 cc on googel is feasible and NO BLOFTE OTHERWISE [you have to learn, or calculate how to deal with costs and income, and how to maintain an ad-words account. Then we can teach you to earn +/- 120 euros p / m with 4 cc. Sometimes when your bet is large, the turnover grows with you. From Forever’s headquarters if your sales are increased by your commitment and sales desire you go one step higher AND THEREFORE HAS TURNOVER WITH THE NUMBERS OF CCs.

And I am your personal source of information. Personally, I am a manager with a 48 percent bonus. To become a manager, you have to run 150 cc =: 4 = 37.5 cc turnover per month in 4 months

You will eventually have to learn for yourself how to deal with buyers usually purchasing Forever products sometime in the first 10 days and especially the last 10 days. This is mainly due to wages and benefits. And you step with and next month, provided you cost some money for ad-words and turn them on in a controlled manner on fixed time schedules to save costs. Turnover can already turn.


set up ad-words yourself

Setting up an ad-words account yourself is also allowed and is not free, except for the costs of advertising. keep a close eye on the news about ad-words on the internet.

if you keep registering people and duplicate your account and you get 10 of these conversions from 4 cc, then after 4 months in a row you will be at 40cc and a manager 18 percent bonus is also allowed in four months, it must be together 4 x 37.5 cc = Being 150cc a month less is not bad if it is only 150 cc after 4 months. give me a call if it goes that way. + 316-22516508 olof wittgen then maybe I can help you.


What are my obligations? At Forever


there under FBO member Olof Wittgen, you really are under no obligation. Not even to invest a large amount. And you don’t necessarily have to keep stock. Except possibly e.g. for regular customers. you are completely free if you want to place an order in your own time. And to place an order on FBO site for personal or business products. And you get equal opportunities. Everyone at Forever.

Or you get help from your FBO or his up-line; [or Forever telephone helpline on the internet can also be found for you or my own questions]. That is why we find very interesting and ethical and responsible business with our team and professional advice. Can we google ads and a little SEO advice to everyone’s wallet? That’s important anyway. In the for you and me and under Forever everyone’s valid and.

‘To respect it [By clicking on cooperation’ s rules and clicking on the right mouse button, you will see the open hyperlink go to this, so cooperation rules, and open hyperlink] that you will receive when you register .


How can I contact FBO Olof Wittgen?

Our team is happy to help you, both in the Netherlands and in Belgium or abroad. You can contact us by e-mail [email protected] very gladly to your enthusiastic mail. Or you can always reach us at the following telephone number:
Olof Wittgen: + 31-6-22516508


Our frequently asked questions about orders

how can I place an order?

We are happy to tell you how to order via this site:
1. Click on the “Shop” button.
2. Then choose a product that you add to your shopping cart.
You can use the search function for this via the magnifying glass at the top right.
3. Then click on “Continue” and you can enter your address and complete the payment.
Have fun with your order!


What is a Forever Business Owner (FBO)?

Forever does not sell its products in stores but through Forever Business Owners. These are people like you and me, who are happy to tell you more about the products and the Forever business model of network marketing.


I don’t know an FBO, but now I am your Forever FBO Olof Wittgen +31622516508?


How can I pay for an order in the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg?

You can pay for your order with a credit card. In the Netherlands you can also pay with IDEAL.
In Belgium and Luxembourg you can pay via a payment link (Bancontact).


How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders placed before 12 noon will be shipped the same day. You will receive an email with the Track & Trace link to track your shipment. Your package will be delivered the next day.

If you place your order later than 12:00, your package will be shipped the next working day.


How will my order be delivered?

In the Netherlands and Belgium we deliver to your home address or to a PostNL collection point. In Luxembourg we deliver to your home address or a DPD collection point.


Are there shipping costs?

We charge 5 euros (excluding VAT) for shipping costs.

How can I return something?

We offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee! You can return a product, even if you have already used it, within 30 days with a return form. for the form mail or call your national head office of Forever living. We reimburse your purchase amount excluding shipping costs.


You will not find a lot of buying, learning, work and financial pleasure. Call +31622516508 Olof Wittgen, your enthusiastic FBO-er.

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