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aloe bio-cellulose mask



A true VIP treatment for your skin!
This deeply deepens the skin with powerful hydration
Gives you a youthful and no boring skin. And fight signs of aging.
Gives a soft skin and will reduce redness.
and you will perceive a soft, supple skin for a glowing complexion.

The aloe bio-cellulose mask from Forever gives you a powerful. And stimulating hydration opportunity, using advanced technology. With our choice of natural ingredients. The innermost of the intention of this mask. That on the next level is one of bio-cellulosic fiber. This material easily touches every contour of your face. Such that this mask can penetrate deeply. down to the finest lines and wrinkles that current plate masks can not accomplish.
aloe-bio-cellulose mask offers the advantage in two phases. A process unique to Forever, a fermenting special bacterium based on natural aloe vera gel, from its own plantations, seagrass. This then melted them into a bio-cellulosic substance for calming, soothing and caring for the skin. In addition, a serum that is enriched with green tea and horse chestnut rejuvenates. the dull skin, for that help free radicals. Fighting to help fight the signs of aging. It also calms the redness of appearances. However, these are two incredible tasks of just one single mask.
Our bio-cellulose mask that is easy to use. and a requirement is not flushing. As a result, massage the remaining serum into your neck and face. Because this bio-cellulose mask ensures. That this serum penetrates many times deeper than traditional masks, you will feel the powerful hydration much longer after use.

Use directions:
1. Open the package and open the mask.
2. Mask is protected by woven fabric on both sides. Remove and discard a layer.
3. Apply the mask to the face. Check this carefully to make sure it fits well.
4. Remove the second layer of woven fabric and put it away.
5. Remove the mask and discard it after +/- 20 minutes. You do not need to rinse, just massage the remaining product for a rejuvenating face and a nice appearance on your neck.

That is why you discover the innovative skincare products for you, with special and small products. Or other Forever products. The choice is for you consisting of; for this, multiple lines. From softening mild-like products. From face ‘s to body’ s grooming. These used formulas. Are largely developed for you. On a basis of forever treated aloe vera. Which will improve our products and be strengthened. Products provided by the extract from nature. And after purchasing you can enjoy this product completely and is an option for him and her.
The skin care products. Maybe you have already become a bit curious, hopefully you will find it something. Or look at our other beauty benefits skin care ‘s products lines or other products and take a look. With our great pleasure we hope to be of service to you
Here the site www.aloeveraproductsshop.eu
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