April 2, 2021
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forever living world wide webshop



Forever Living world wide webshop

Are you looking for the well-known and amazing Forever Living Products to your door steps in 34 country? Well, you are at the right spot where you can easily expect getting ultimate and all sorts of products in no time. No matter where you are located in 34 country, you can still be able to get safe and efficient nutritional supplements to the weight management solutions, drinks and gels, bee products, personal care, skincare and many more other items will make your life the best.

Do you think 34 what country? Well, Spain Country code is 34 and you can expect getting the Forever’s a complete range of products to your home. So, be prepared for every product eventuality when you add products from our store and drop to your wishlist.


Forever Living world wide webshop annually processes more than 30 million liters of pure aloe vera gel. This is more than 60% of the world production and makes Forever Living the largest grower, producer and distributor of aloe vera products worldwide.

Everything is in-house from start to finish, so cultivation, production and logistics are checked at every step. Forever Living has its own plantations in the Dominican Republic and Texas. Here, Aloe Vera is grown and harvested, and processed immediately after harvesting to keep the quality as high as possible. Because many inspections and tests are carried out during the process, the consumer only receives the very best quality. This is confirmed by the International Aloe Science Counsil certificate, proof that the aloe vera gel meets the highest global standards of quality and purity.

Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant is one of the oldest plants used by humans and is also known as the “miracle plant”. This plant contains about 220 substances such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and polysaccharides, all of which contribute to a properly functioning immune system. The leaves of the plant contain a gel that can serve both internal and external use. This gel is often processed in various products and, according to the World Health Organization, has even been found to be better than cosmetic products and the like.

There are as many as 400 different types of aloe vera plants worldwide, but the plant most recognized as a rich source of nutrients is Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller. It is also used by Forever Living. The aloe vera gel used in Forever Living’s products comes from our own fields in Texas and the Dominican Republic. The aim is to have a product that is as pure as possible, with no preservatives added during the processing process. For high quality, the gel is also processed immediately after harvest and the packaging used is made from 100% recyclable material. It is the first product to receive a certificate from the International Aloe Science Council (IASC) for its purity and quality.